Increase Unit Value

By offering free wifi to your tenants you are increasing the value of your units. This translates into higher rental pricing which is money in your pocket! Our system would cost you $14.99/mo, but the value is easily more than $50/mo to the tenant. So raise the lease to by $50/mo because you're providing a service they already WANT and PAY for. Oh and in that case you'd be making money off the top anyway!

Be Competitive

Today's market is tough. Offer an amenity the other complexes don't. This will help your complex stand out from the rest. Give yourself the leg up that will keep the best tenants coming to you instead of your competition.

Sticky Tenants

Everyone knows that vacancies cost money. So why not make it harder for your existing tenants to leave? By offering Wifi you are providing another amenity that they would have to account for if they left your complex. Give them something that'll make their move to another complex less than ideal.

Lightning Fast

We strive to utilize the fasted internet for your complexes to provide top notch Wifi to your tenants. We use the latest technologies and products to achieve the best speeds we can provide.

Included Features

  • Maintenance is included: Free software updates to hardware
  • 24/7 Monitoring: We watch the system and often know about problems before anyone else does
  • High Security: We utilize military grade encryption to protect tenants data on the network
  • Customer Service: We provide top notch customer service. Going above and beyond to get tenant hardware to work on our systems
  • Content Filtering: We block Bittorrent Traffic so that your tenants cannot download illegal movies, music and othercopywrited materials

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