Apartment Wireless Solutions

Aletho Technologies provides wireless high speed internet solutions to apartment complexes throughout the United States and Canada.

These days marketing has become fiercely competitive for apartment owners and management companies.   Avoid the stress and cost of tenant turnover by providing this essential need to them for free.  This is an effective, affordable and hassle-free method to gaining new tenants and keeping current tenants happy.

We use innovative and reliable products to provide stable, state of the art and VERY FAST internet to your tenants.  Prices start at $15/unit a month!  Installation is just $49/unit.

Contact us now for a FREE site survey! 

Free Site Survey – 

We come to you and assess what needs to be done for FREE!

 Free Listing on Our Website – Advertise for FREE!  We include you in our list of apartments that use this service!
Opportunity for Free Installation – Depending on the size of your apartment complex, we can provide a free install!  Ask for details.  Secure Network and Passwords – We manage all of your tenants user names and passwords for free.  No hassle to you!
 24/7 Monitoring – We do all the work, everyday, any day!  We monitor the network so you don’t have to!  Free Custom Splash Page – Customize your tenants login page with your own picture and information.


We’ve developed high tech solutions that will help you attract and retain your clients.  Affordable and hassle free internet service allows you to offer this value added option at no cost to you AND less than what your clients are paying now.  We handle everything for you; from setup to account maintenance to security.  Taking the worry out off your hands and freeing up your time.

The best part about this is that you have the option to actually MAKE MONEY off of this solution!  Raise the rent by $15/month and you will walk away each month with money in your pocket!  No matter what you do, this opportunity is a fantastic chance to improve your complex and retain your tenants.  Call now and get started today!


Wall Mount Enclosure for Access Point                     Repeater Access Point