WiFi for Multifamily Complexes: Providing Wireless Internet


Increase Unit Value

Offer something extra that increases rental worth

Be Competitive

Offer your tenants something the other guys don't

Sticky Tenants

Make it harder for your tenants to leave

Lightning Fast

Speedy internet on the entire complex

What Owners are Saying!

  • "Installations went flawlessly and have been operating well."
  • "Both my property managers cite the free Wireless service (WiFi) as being the deciding factor for some of the new residents to lease an apartment and existing residents staying longer"
  • "Their honesty, friendliness and professionalism exceeded my expectations."
  • "The staff are hard-working, courteous, friendly, and most importantly, knowledgeable."

Only $14.99/Unit


  • Maintenance included
  • All tenant calls come to us
  • High security
  • Excellent customer service
  • Content filtering
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