There are many misconceptions on how wireless works.  For instance, many people, including wireless technicians, think that a stronger wireless antenna on access points means better connections for laptops and iPhones.  This is not the case.  This like a person with a megaphone talking to a person without one who is far away.  Just because you made your mouth louder doesn’t mean you made your ears better at hearing.  This is why we use many small antennas to blanket an area with wireless coverage, but still are able to connect devices with small antennas to our network (i.e. iPhones).

Our technology is also self-healing.  It uses a “meshing” technology that picks routes to the internet.  By blanketing your complex with redundant access points there are multiple paths that the computers can take to get to the internet.  Should an access point go down (i.e. a painter unplugs it!) the other access points will pick up the slack and route the traffic.

The access points that we use are small, about the size of a deck of cards.  This means that the installs are very non-intrusive to the tenants.  We are able to install these units only taking up half an electrical wall outlet!

Link to a bandwidth checker

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