Aletho Tech has worked with various clients and companies, and here are just a few of their comments:

“I acquired two large apartment complexes (comprising of 94 units) in the last 4 years in the Santa Barbara area. I wanted to offer an amenity to my new and existing residents as a way to attract them to move in and stay in the complex respectively.

I decided to offer free Wireless Internet as this differentiating amenity.

I contacted Tim at Aletho Technologies to explain my needs. He gave the proposals both times within a week of my requests and within a month the networks were up and operational.

Both installations went flawlessly and have been operating well.

I have also entered into a maintenance agreement so Tim can monitor the system health and manage the adding and removal of tenants from the wireless networks.

Both my property managers cite the free Wireless service (WiFi) as being the deciding factor for some of the new residents to lease an apartment and existing residents staying longer.”

-George Fonti


“We have been very pleased with Aletho Technologies’ prompt and professional service. It’s great to have a computer service that knows how to get to the heart of a problem, solve it, and put you back in business without missing a beat.”
-Don and Sharon Sterrenburg

“I went to Aletho Technologies when my computer caught a virus. My computer is very old and Aletho was forthright about my options (such as purchasing a new computer all together) and I really appreciated the honesty. I decided to go ahead and have my computer fixed regardless; and they did a great job and my old computer is running well. Their honesty, friendliness and professionalism exceeded my expectations.”
-Amanda Hammond

“Aletho Technologies is the only IT and computer service I turn to when I am having computer and network issues. The staff are hard-working, courteous, friendly, and most importantly, knowledgeable. I’ve seen Mr. Phillips, Aletho’s owner, work technological wonders that have saved computers which I thought were too far gone to be saved. It’s no exaggeration to say that Aletho is well-ahead of the competition in terms of know-how and trouble-shooting savvy. I am highly pleased with Aletho’s service and would recommend them for both small, “fix-it” projects and large-scale networking and IT-staffing situations.”
-Andrew Reid, Esq.

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