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X Windows on Windows 7 with Xming and Putty

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

After much troubleshooting, I discovered that Windows 7 has issues with X Windows. To get around some of its limitations I installed Xming which is an X server for windows. Very non-intrusive, just runs in the system tray. So, here is how to get remote Linux/Unix graphical programs to display on your local Windows 7 system.

1. download software:
a. Xming

b. Putty

2. Install Xming, run installer (very self explanatory)

3. Run Putty

4. Go to: Connection/SSH/X11

a. check enable X11 forwarding

5. Go to: Session

a. Type in the IP or hostname of the server

b. Select SSH

c. Type a descripting name for the Saved Session name

d. Click Save

6. Click Open to start the session

7. Prepare your server